• Google Analytics Alternatives

    Google Analytics Alternatives

    With Google sunsetting Universal Analytics and notice that my historical data would be deleted in 2023, now was the opportune time to choose a new solution. In this post, I will cover some alternatives and a study of how they performed against GA.


  • Pinch To Zoom Swift Tutorial

    Pinch To Zoom Swift Tutorial

    I wanted to add a pinch to zoom feature to my side project and could not find an updated tutorial for how to replicate the iOS single image view. This is the view you see after tapping a photo in the iOS Photos app. Here are the steps I took to recreate this experience.


  • Saving Images With Core Data

    Saving Images With Core Data

    We won’t actually save images in core data but use it as a means for retrieving images from the app’s sandboxed file system. We will generate a unique name for that image and save the .png to the app’s file system. Then save the name of that .png as an attribute value in core data. 


  • Portfolio 6.0

    Portfolio 6.0

    This post marks the launch of my sixth portfolio and the process I went through to ship this version. Having been through several portfolios (at a rate of 1 a year), I wanted this build to last a little longer. Freeing my time up to work on projects and content to put in the portfolio.